Industry exchanges and development, friendship boats

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  • July 12, 2017

On Sunday, July 9, 2017, in order to be able to a more in-depth understanding of enterprise development and promote the friendship between the classmate, Grade 1701,Tsinghua university research institute Influence of Presidentto experience the products of our company and visit the company and communicate with each other their own entrepreneurial experience.


At 2 o 'clock in the afternoon, class 1701 students came to my company and began their journey of experience.At the beginning, the employees of our company have introduced all kinds of audio equipment to them, so that they have a basic understanding of the products.Music sounded the moment,for a long time not see old classmates is surrounded sit together,or holding a microphone singing with the rhythm, or leisure to talk about their stories of the year, soft voice, happy laughter, full of the whole exhibition hall.At the same time, they also praised our company's products, especially the family smart karaoke machine and stereo.


    After a while, most of the students here, Lin manager of our company will take them into the sample chamber of the company, to introduce our company in detail all kinds of professional audio accessories.The range of products in the sample room, including the speaker cover, knob, foot pad, panel, sound tube, piezoelectric, battery box, etc.Follow Lin manager's introduction to understand the function of each kind of speaker parts step by step.


After visiting the product, everyone sat in the meeting room and Shared their experiences.Lin manager also told them about the company's development process and its own harvest over the years, and summarized the situation of SWOT in the industry.From the small sound accessories to the finished products, each step is not simple, each step is the accumulation of experience, making today's brilliant.


At the end of the activity, we all learned a lot, experienced the excellent quality of our products, saw our company's progress, and listened to each classment different life experiences.The communication between students of one depth, learning to different enterprise management methods, forming a clear understanding of their own development, also promoted the friendship between classmates.When they left, our company also presented a new gift to commemorate this time.