speaker panel
speaker panel

Panel A6-1 Backplane

> Mould making ,Durability ,Stability >Easy to install and decorative appearance >Offer a great deal of flexibility as they can be assembled on any e...

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[Dimension]: Column can insert lead wire up to 5MM or banana head to insert seeds. See picture for more details.
[Performance/Characteristics]: High-end loudspeaker junction box, usually installed in the back of the speaker case for power amplifier and horn junction box, with four-bit column, panel requires special thickening using material A, physical shape and pictures, the advantage of thickening is to reduce the resonance of the box, thickness of up to 3.6MM; with high-end junction post, beautiful and durable, workmanship. Very good. The important parts of transmission signal, such as column, big nut and connecting piece, are pure copper gold-plated material. The small nut and spring washer with fixed function are iron-plated gold-plated material. The gold-plated appearance is bright and beautiful.


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