Sell like hot cakes style speaker port tube
Speaker port tube,this is one of the hot selling styles.Decorative acoustics appearance, anti - mouse, enhances the acoustics bass effect

Sell like hot cakes style speaker port tube, JF-126B

>Nice sound and effective > Mould making ,Durability ,Stability >Easy to install and Pro audio port tube >Offer a great deal of flexibility as t...

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    amplifier and stereo ect.

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Material: Plastic ABS/PP Material
Surface: Electroplating/Raw Material Black
[Performance/Characteristics]: Inverted-phase holes, also known as speakers and air holes, are often used in inverted-phase speakers. They mainly overwhelm the airflow sound of the speaker vibration in the speaker and overlap the sound pressure radiated in front of the speaker to produce a bass effect.

   The principle is that when the anti-phase sound wave radiated from the carton into the box is radiated through the box body and then through the backward tube, some of the lower limit frequencies of the sound wave can be close to the same frequency sound wave radiated in front of the carton, so the radiation efficiency of the loudspeaker can be improved and the low frequency response can be extended. Compared with the speaker without inverted phase tube, this structure can obviously enhance the radiation intensity of low frequency, increase the volume and improve the efficiency of the speaker. Generally speaking, it can increase the volume of the bass without increasing the power of the speaker itself.

     Product description                                                                                 

    Product details126B tube

     Brand Name:Jinfeng
     Model Number:JF-126B Pro tube
     Apparent open size:51.5MM
     Product packaging: Carton or box
     Place of Origin:Shenzhen,China


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      Custom Description                                                                               

Are you a manufacture?

Yes, we have our own factory and We have been engaged in acoustic accessories for 20 years and have been providing professional solutions to design and process.

Is the product the same color as the picture?

Shooting problem, cannot reach 100 %, color difference control at 5 %.

What is your minimum order quantity? 

Generally speaking, our MOQ is 500. Although sometimes our order is less than 500, however, for a small order cost, the cost may be higher when considering the material, process and transportation costs.

Can I get samples for free?What's the quantity?

You can take samples free of charge, but you have to pay the shipping costs.The average number of samples is 2. When needed such as a foot pad, need 4 to protect the stereo, free to 2 groups, just 8.

What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
1.Specifications of the products you need 
2.Quantity of products 
3.Your receipt address  

4.Freight issue

How do you ship your products?

1) By sea

2) By plane 

Received the shipping information, but can't find the logistics information?

Logistics problematic customers and friends, Please contact the salesman for consultation.

What should you pay attention to when you receive the product?

Advised at the time of receipt of the goods,place face to face unpacking, inspection, sign. Goods found problems, please contact the saleman, we will assist you in consultation with the logistics company handles.

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Payment and Transport

Speaker spike
speaker spike
Speaker terminal box
Speaker terminal box
Speaker buckle
Speaker buckle      Company introduction                                                                              


  Jinfeng Audio Appliance Co.Ltd is a collection of mold, development, design, production, injection molding and injection, hot stamping, silk screening one-stop production and operation of the factory, more than 10 years engaged in professional audio accessories, new products constantly, meet the demand of the industry's manufacturers of production and market needs.    The company spirit of "credit first, sincere service" principle, the implementation of strict quality management system, make the products completely get rid of the phenomenon of churning out of the industry, products of the same products, and unique appearance design and price advantage, we will be more professional and technical progress, more sincere service to the general new old customers return for their support. Innovation is the pursuit of the golden feng. Only innovation can adapt to the market. Welcome to the letter, we will make a reservation, the people will negotiate business, we look forward to working with you for a better tomorrow.

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Jinfeng Audio Appliance Co.Ltd is We have been involved in this period more than 30 years.A private enterprise integrating r&d, design, production and sales.      

Address: 1 FL,Factory 2 (the auxiliary road of 107national highway), Jia Tian Gang Industial Zone, Huang Xixiang Town, Boan, Shenzhen, China

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