Battery power box JF-K
Audio parts manufacturer,battery boxes decorative beautifying sound appearance.And it protects the battery from damage.

Battery power box JF-K

>Professional active speaker >Good quality,Durability, flexibility,waterproof >Apply to portable speaker,professional speaker,wooden speaker.

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Name: Battery Box k (with shrapnel)
Material: ABS plastics
[Installation method] Used for all kinds of speaker battery boxes, with one BL-5C battery or three No.1 batteries inside, which can be connected to the power cord. Four holes can be used for screw fixation.
[Performance/Characteristics]: Battery cartridge shrapnel has strong metal hardness, high current, long service life, and is suitable for recycling. Battery box without wire, can be with pins (sheet pins), can be directly plugged into the circuit board welding use. ABS material is used. The material used meets the national environmental protection standards. Large quantities can be produced according to customer requirements. Suitable for Bluetooth audio lithium battery installation box and various electronic production and use, is a good accessories for fixed installation of batteries for various electronic devices. It is widely used, easy to use and install, safe and reliable, etc. It is made of high strength ABS plastic, strong and durable.


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