WP2-5 - Speaker Terminal Connector


Speaker terminal box, usually installed on the back of the speaker shell for power amplifier and horn connection box.

  • Product size :

    See Pictures Below

  • Product color :

    Black with red

  • Product material :


  • Application :

    audio and video

  • Packaging :


Temperature: (-40~55)℃
Rated voltage/current: DC 100V 1.5A/DC 100V 3A

Contact resistance: <0.03

Insulation Resistance: > 100M DC500V

Voltage withstand: AC 500V (50Hz)/min

Line retention: 1Kgf

Applicable Wire: AWG#24-#16

Life: 5000 times

[Performance/Characteristics]:This product is often used in high-end speaker wiring clamp, double door test clamp of electronic engineering technology, LED lamp test wiring seat, aging line test clamp and other places.


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