Piezoelectric JF-328 - Tweeter&Driver

Piezoelectric JF-328

Piezoelectric,decorate,beautify,clear the high frequency,prevent the low.Let the high frequency signal to loudspeakers, leach the low.The strong impulse force,...

  • Frequency Response :

    4KHz to 27KHz

  • Average Sensitivity :

    94dB 1 Watt/1 M

  • Handling Capacity :

    75W(EIA RS426)

  • Maximum Voltage :

    15V rms continuous

Piezo Horn Speaker Tweeter Piezoelectric Head Driver Loudspeaker


Material: built-in buzzer,
Audio Frequency: 4KHZ-30KHZ
Average Sensitity :94dB
Audio Maximum Power: 75-100W
Piezo Horn Speaker Piezoelectric Tweeter
Delicate sound quality, good vocal effect
suitable for any subwoofer sound, etc.
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