605 Board Card - Panel for Speaker

605 Board Card

> Mould making ,Durability ,Stability >Easy to install and decorative appearance >Offer a great deal of flexibility as they can be assembled on any e...

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    audio and video

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1.Rated working voltage is 5V,Limit working voltage is Above 5.2V.
2.With dual channel stereo output and stereo input. 5V powered 2R horn can output 5W+5W power, and can drive 2Ω -4Ω Mini speakers.
3.Bluetooth audio reception and transmission distance is 10m in open and barrier free.
4.Can support Bluetooth call function.(The current batch has no call function)
5.FM radio function can be operated by remote control.
6.USB flash drive/TF memory card playback function can support WAV and MP3 formats of audio.
7.The Bluetooth version of the decoder board is 4.2.


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