Prot tube JF-LB
Prot tube

Port tube JF-LB

Material: Plastic ABS/PP Material
Surface: Electroplating/Raw Material Black
[Performance/Characteristics]: Inverted-phase holes, also known as speakers and air holes, are often used in inverted-phase speakers. They mainly overwhelm the airflow sound of the speaker vibration in the speaker and overlap the sound pressure radiated in front of the speaker to produce a bass effect.

   The principle is that when the anti-phase sound wave radiated from the carton into the box is radiated through the box body and then through the backward tube, some of the lower limit frequencies of the sound wave can be close to the same frequency sound wave radiated in front of the carton, so the radiation efficiency of the loudspeaker can be improved and the low frequency response can be extended. Compared with the speaker without inverted phase tube, this structure can obviously enhance the radiation intensity of low frequency, increase the volume and improve the efficiency of the speaker. Generally speaking, it can increase the volume of the bass without increasing the power of the speaker itself.

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