Speaker grill cover,auto grill ventialation grill
auto grill ventialation grill with mesh,speaker front panel decorative cover,easy to mount and It is durable.The cover of all kinds speaker,like the car stereo/car sp...

Speaker grill cover JF-80

> Mould making ,Durability ,Stability >Easy to install and protect your speakers from damage >Offer a great deal of flexibility as they can be assem...

  • 1)Size :

    80 mm

  • 2)Material :


  • 3)Color :

    Red and the color can change to become what you need

  • 4)Use :

    amp,audio,car,vedio and other equipments

Model name: 80# 

Material: Plastic ABS + Iron Mesh

Surface: Oil spray, electroplating/water plating in various colors

[Performance/Characteristics]: Horn net cover, high-end car horn net cover, DIY speaker net cover, plastic frame spray paint, suitable for DIY speaker and car installation horn decoration ring bass speaker protection net cover, suitable for a variety of audio, such as outdoor pole sound, battery sound, stage sound, home theater sound, bookshelf sound, floor sound, bass, and KTV card package sound.1 (2)1 (3).JPG580小圈背面线条尺寸图
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